Thursday, January 27, 2011

Synthetic Aperture Radar!

Adam, who's on the team with me, generated the following images with the code that Greg Charvat provided.

It looks pretty plausible! Here is the scene:

Adam and I acquired the SAR data last night(/morning) right outside 32-123. The two strong objects nearby are the door to 32-123 and the polygonal column. The reflections at 150 feet appear to be the cylindrical column on the right garnished with metal chairs. The center reflections at around 0-60 feet are likely reflections from the floor.

It was possibly one of the worst nights we could have tried to collect the data; some people were playing laser tag but they kept to the Gates side.

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  1. Hello I'm Pietro Milillo, I'm a student form Bari Physic Dep. ( Italy ) and I'm interested in this Project cause I worked on Synthetic Aperture Radar, in particular COSMO-SkyMed SAR Constellation. I would like to have further information from student to student, can we exchange a direct link ? my e-mail adress is . Thank you for your attention !